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Hi I’m Pete!

I live on the Jersey Shore, and I’ve been helping students raise their SAT and ACT scores for over 12 years now.

I’m really good at calming students nerves and boosting their confidence by giving them the tools they need on test day to succeed.

The #1 comment I consistently hear on the first day of speaking with a new parent over the phone is that my son or daughter performs extremely well in school but struggles with test-taking. This is such a common theme, but it really is so true for many students in high school.

Raising scores on the SAT, or as I like to call it, the “Silly and Absurd Test,” takes a little bit of time, patience, and perseverance, but the road to higher scores is very attainable.

I make reasonable and achievable goals for all my students, and I always reassure them that a 100-200 point increase is always within reach.

Generally speaking, most students actually see their biggest score increases after the second go-around because by that time they know what to expect from the SAT (or ACT) and are not nearly as nervous as they once were upon taking that first test.

There are many different time saving techniques and workarounds that I offer to all of my students, and I’m looking forward to helping your student on his or her journey toward higher scores.

As far as my qualifications go, I have – as I mentioned above – over 12 years of tutoring and teaching experience.

I possess a Master of Arts in Education, and I was a high school teacher for nearly 6 years before opening my own after school tutoring business in Red Bank.

I am now 35, and I can still relate to high school kids, which is refreshing because I’m not totally boring!

Once upon a time, I actually subcontracted for The Princeton Review, and my name is still published in some of their prep books.

including: Cracking the SAT, 11 Practice Tests for the SAT and PSAT, and College Essays That Made a Difference.

I am highly qualified to teach all 3 subject areas of the SAT, which include: Critical Reading, Writing, and Math.

I also surf, travel, and enjoy the beach whenever I can.