Jersey Shore SAT Prep Testimonials - Thank You

“I really loved the class! If there was ever something we didn’t understand Pete would explain it perfectly. He also never set any unrealistic goals for us, which made it more fun than stressful.” Megan K. – RFH ’15

“My scores improved as soon as I walked in the door. Honestly, the best SAT Prep experience I’ve had.” Dom T. – Middletown HS South ’15

“I thought it was a fun time, and I learned a lot. I feel confident going into the test because Pete helped out so much.” Leo D. – RBR ’15

“I had a great time. Fantastic learning experience, great people, great stories, and overall a productive 5 weeks at Jersey Shore SAT Prep.” Chris F. – RBC ’15

“I had a great experience. I learned a lot and had a fun time while improving my SAT scores.” Matt D. – Monmouth Regional ’15

“I learned a lot of good tips. It will definitely help my SAT scores go up without a doubt.” Mike M. – RBC ’15

“I felt that all the necessary material was covered, and we did more than enough practice to prepare for the SAT. The last practice test I took was 200 points more than my first.” Fred S. – RBR ’15

“I really enjoyed my time at JSPrep and picked up a lot of useful tips, and I feel confident going into the SAT.” Alex R. – MAST ’14

“When working with Pete, I learned a lot. It was fun to see the progress with each PSAT prep session.” Alyssa P. – RBC ’14

“I’ve gone to a few different standardized test prep courses, but I feel that this has helped me the most in all areas.”
Amy D. – RBC ‘15

“Pete is really helpful at breaking the SAT down and pinpointing where you struggle and how to improve.”
Kyle K. – RFH ‘15

“Great teacher, laid back plus good environment yet productive learning as well as easy and understandable tricks.”
Isabel M. – Colts Neck HS ‘15

“Pete was really helpful in raising my SAT scores, and he always brought way too many markers. Bonus points for being a fan of Game of Thrones!”
Sabrina B. – Ranney ‘15

“I learned and developed tons of skills throughout this course!”
Chelsea K. – Middletown HS South ‘15

“Pete’s a great guy, and if you put in the work with him, you’ll see great results!”
Houston M. – RBR ‘15

“I liked how the course was flexible and personalized. I also enjoyed the snacks!!”
Brooke M. – RBR ‘15

“This was a great and totally chill experience, and I believe my scores will go up.”
Jenny M. – RBR ‘15

“True SAT guru.”
Paige M. – RBR ‘15

“This was a great and totally chill experience, and I believe my scores will go up.”
Jenny M. – RBR ‘15

“Pete’s the bomb, he’s an SAT God!”
Chris L. – RBR ‘15

“This is a great course; it really helped me prepare for the SAT.”
Drew C. – RBR ‘15

“I liked that the class was small, so we could focus more on what we needed to work on. Also, I learned lots of tricks on how to approach problems and reading sections.”
Emma F. – RBR ‘15

“Pete was a fantastic SAT tutor and truly helped me achieve the high scores that I desired. He is very organized with his lesson plans and always had helpful hints and ways to remember them. The thing I liked most about Pete is that he is very easy to talk to, and through the course of the 10 sessions, I can say Pete became a friend to me. Due to this, SAT tutoring, which most kids dread, became fun for me and this translated to great SAT scores.”
-Pete M., Christian Brothers Academy ’14 – Freehold, NJ

“I used Pete to help prepare for the SAT. He was great at fixing my mistakes and stopping bad tendencies especially in math and reading. I would definitely recommend using Pete.”
-Joe, St. John Vianney ’14 – Middletown, NJ

“Pete was an excellent SAT tutor and helped me by strengthening my test taking skills. He guided me to focus more and allowed my mind to think in a way that coincided with the test. He broke down different questions and provided me with several tips and tricks that made the test seem less intimidating. He also made preparing for this dreadful test fun. I recommend Pete as a tutor because he breaks down the test, makes it easier, and I could not imagine taking it without his help.”
-Gina, St. John Vianney ’14 – Port Monmouth, NJ

“Entering Pete’s SAT prep class I had a score of 1100. I was completely lost after taking a two month Kaplan SAT prep program, but after taking Pete’s course I went up 500 points. He is one of the main reasons I am currently enrolled in the Nursing Program At Ramapo College of New Jersey. Pete possesses excellent people skills, and makes sure he explains each topic thoroughly before the sessions are over. I can honestly say that I met a new friend during my 10 session program, and it turned out to be a great investment.”
-Kurt, St. Joseph’s Prep ’13 – Monroe, NJ

“We are very thankful to Pete Stajk who is an excellent SAT tutor and whose guidance we believe directly impacted our child’s improved SAT scores and getting into a prestigious university. Pete was instrumental in raising confidence, learning the mechanics of the test, and helping to improve writing skills that exceed the mark. We strongly recommend Pete to anyone who needs the one-on-one attention, lessons provided with patience, and other knowledgeable tips for improving his or her score.”
-Mr. & Mrs. Maimone – Manasquan, N.J.