Jersey Shore SAT Prep Testimonials - Thank You

“Great SAT tutor! Has really helped me with areas I struggled with. Really helped me to prepare for the test!” Allison T. – RBC ’19

“Pete is very knowledgeable about how to approach the SAT and is the biggest reason I got a 1550 on the new SAT on my first attempt. He teaches useful strategies for every aspect of the SAT (reading comprehension, math, and even the essay) that I used extensively. Beyond that, he helps you develop the endurance necessary to actually take the test in one sitting. The class is also very personalized as Pete recognized patterns of mistakes I made, and taught me how to correct them. Overall an amazing SAT prep course!” Daniel W. – Biotech ’18

“Even when I thought I had reached my peak SAT score, Peter gave me the confidence to set a goal that was way beyond what I thought when I first started taking his class. He really gets to know your testing quirks within a very short amount of time and personalizes each session for great efficiency. Overall great experience!” Alexandra W. – Holmdel ’18

“Pete is amazing! My scores went up significantly from my first test to my second. With the new strategies he thought me, I was able to achieve a score that I am truly happy about!” Kailin – Trinity High School ’18

“Pete was by far one of the coolest people I’ve met. Having him as a SAT tutor made learning pretty fun. Can’t wait to see those scores after my test.” Derek B. – RBR ’18

“Pete is a super fun and awesome guy. Very knowledgeable and ready to do the work on his end for you to do the work on your end.” Seth B. – MAST ’18

“Amazing SAT Tutor! Having Pete tutor me for 2-3 months prior to the SAT really boosted my confidence in doing well. I’ve learned some tips and tricks I’ve would’ve never have thought of. Overall, Pete is great!” Joe M. – Manasquan ’18

“He is a great tutor and helped get through miserable SAT work with his dad jokes!!!! Awesome help, my score went up!!!” Jen M. – Manasquan ’18

“Very patient and nice instructor. My son’s score jumped by over 200 points. He motivates the kids , listens to them and works with them . I cannot emphasize how nice Pete is!! It’s just not the prep but very respectful and a nice person.” Amit Kilkarni