SAT Vocab, The Top 10 Words, & Brain Cards 101

Have you ever experienced that tip-of-the-tongue moment when you want to describe a feeling, emotion, or situation with a specific word but can’t recall it? It’s called aphasia and can be annoying at times, but there are many ways to combat it, especially on the SAT.

Some of the most enigmatic questions on the Critical Reading sections include really difficult vocabulary. Luckily, there is a silver lining around that bucket of obtrusive lexicon. CollegeBoard has become predictable and now recycles many of the same arduous vocab words that it uses on each of its tests, and 10 in particular have seemingly become favorites.

The Top 10 Most Used SAT Vocab
#1 Equivocal
#2 Ambivalent
#3 Pragmatic
#4 Aesthetic
#5 Esoteric
#6 Censure
#7 Eclectic
#8 Benevolent
#9 Impetuous
#10 Anecdote

Now, how does one remember these and other tough words like them so you can be prepared for heated Sentence Completion battles? Simple, make Brain Cards.

These are easy and fun to make, and yes they’re basically just flash cards, yet there’s a small twist. Write the SAT word with its short and sweet definition in the upper right hand corner of a 3×5 index card and create a PERSONALLY relevant sentence along with a fun drawing in the middle of the card. Use 3 different colored markers for every Brain Card (not black, brown, or grey). The word should also be written on the opposite side of the card, so you, your siblings, or your family can quiz you.

These cards are more powerful than regular old flashcards because the words become easier to remember once you create relevant sentences about your friends, people you know, places you’ve been, and experiences you’ve had. The words become about you – not the other way around, so recalling them becomes much, much easier.

How about a goal? Your goal should be to create at least 100 Brain Cards, and once you’ve made them, leave them on the kitchen counter and look at them everyday. Now instead of memorizing difficult words, you’ll simply absorb them.

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